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Monday, June 21, 2010

so she ate the whole thing

Last week I was traveling with work....

I'll admit there used to be a time where that was the fun part.. But everything changes when you get fur babies a fiancee and a studio with metal and fire.. Then you just want to be at home.

So little fur babies had to be left to their own devices for 2 days cause David as away working as well.. Poor little ones... I had left them plenty of fresh water and probably a month worth of dry food...

What I also had out was a brand new bad of turkey jerky from traders joe.. (yes it is a part of the P90x diet!).. So poor little fur babies decided to ignore the dry food and instead break into the bag. Which they did with success. And ate ALL the turkey jerky... Little rascals..

But I was still happy to see them :o)

I bet you're wondering when this darn shop update is going to come... well I can say that my little rings are making great progress. I am aiming to do a shop update this Friday... But I'll post pics of the rings here on my blog as soon as they are finished..

but now it's time for bed!
It is sooo good to be back ;o)

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