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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

finally I was able to sneak back

in the studio!! Doing the diet and all the exercise for p90x is stealing a lot of time from me. But Today I was able to work a bit... I have a lot of goodies in the works for you.

I really like the prong settings I have been using and how they add height to designs as well as showing of the gemstones more than when they are flushset in a little silver ball.

Yummy yummy :o) I am so excited about these ladies. The stones will range between 6 and 8 mm so we are talking WAY smaller than what I usually make. But I like that. You need big rings for big days and small rings for small days...

Haven't decided what's gonna be rings and what will become necklaces yet. I will just have to wait and see what happens. More photos on my Flickr.

Look at this mystery moss agate. It's gorgeous. It has a greyish/blueish color with transparent background. I must do something fun with this one.

I still have to solder back plates to all of these (except the big one) and figure out what designs I want to make.. I have a few new ideas in my head. No I am not telling! you just have to be patient! More photos on my Flickr.

and now I will go and rest my head on my pillow.. Trying to sleep without David. I know it's silly cause we are hardly ever apart but I really miss snuggling up and feel his arms around me..
Only 2 more days!

Godnatt my friends!


  1. Very Nice!

    Do you fire your pieces right on that board they are laid out on?

    I use my board like that to sit my charcoal and honey cone blocks on; ONLY because when i soldered on mine like yrs above, it smelled and made me a little nervous.
    NO directions came with it, so i don't know exactly what i can do 'on' it. all i know is it's asbestos free.

    what gives?

  2. Thank you! I bought a soldering pad from rio grande that I use. It's called solderite and is also free of asbestos. The article number is 502074.
    Mine doesn't smell when I use it, but you have to make sure that you also have some good ventilation. I also wear a mask so maybe that's why I couldn't smell anything LOL

  3. I only used it once like that; then placed my honeycomb & charcoal blocks on top.
    I wear a mask as well, but it still 'stunk', lol.
    I'll have to try it again this weekend.

    I know one thing -- i'm sick of charcoal blocks!
    they wear down so fast.


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