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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

nova of love

new hair pins
Originally uploaded by novadesigns by tess

so as I was working on my bridesmaid purses I found a new love. Making fabric flowers! I really enjoy working with a different softer material.

And if you know me I get obsessed with new ideas.. I've bought tons of organza, satin, silk and chiffon. I've been making petals and flowers.. The dining table can no longer be seen.. I know it's there, somewhere under all my new supplies. At least that's what I tell David.

I've bought bobby pins, shoe clips and hair bands... I feel a new adventure coming on. It's good to branch out and push yourself. So that is what I am doing. I will still work with metal too! Don't worry about that :o)
I'll just be spending some time on this new adventure as well. So stay tuned and I will let you know where this will take me.

have a wonderful day!
love ~tess

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